THT- Perspective Brand Summmit 2013

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/Brand Summit Sealed

/Brand Summit Sealed

THT-Perspectives Brand Summit 2013


Over the years, the The Himalayan Times as a brand had grown beyond its initial stance of being 'a great newspaper' into something larger. Something that needed to be defined to establish just who the brand was and more importantly, to carve out the brand's roadmap for the future. The word 'unstoppable' was the perfect fit. Owning the word and all it stood for was the job of the communication campaign. Unexpectedly, the campaign does not go on an egoistic high trumpeting its merits to the world at large. Instead, it takes a stance of humility by mirroring its spirit as closely as possible to human personality. The reflected persona is of one who is innately driven to strive to reach higher - as an infant, a child, an adolescent, youth and young adult. But the dramatic twist is in the introduction of the aspect of freedom from all compulsion - including its own to reach the top. Reaching the pinnacle of perfection is the brand's goal and the film concludes with the reflection that although it hasn't conquered the ultimate heights, it has the will and the freedom to do so. This keeps the story human and real. Just as human and real as the brand is. More so, adequate space for a continuum has been maintained - this ensures "campaign-ability" and room for growth. The lyrics of the jingle were written to be motivational and not self-effacing. The understanding of the brand being unstoppable comes from knowing that the brand singularly encourages the audience along these lines. Ones reason to believe stems from the tone of quiet confidence and straightforward inspiration.

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