Classified On-line Booking Terms & Condition

1. All remittances should made payable to Asia Pacific Communication Associates Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

2. Claims for allowances for errors must be made within seven days of receipt of confirmation email after completing the transaction. The payment done for these advertisements will be refund back to the concern account within seven working days. The transaction charges from bank will be deducted.

3. Advertiser shall be solely responsible for any claim arising to them or Asia Pacific Communication Associates Nepal Pvt. Ltd due to any claim made for any object able material contained in the advertisement released for printing in "The Himalayan Times"

4. The company shall not be responsible for any claim or liability, arising to the advertiser for any reasons, whatsoever.

5. The company should not be responsible for not being able to print any advertisement caused by last minute changes in news or otherwise. Similarly, non-printing of advertisement because of factors beyond the control of company, such as natural calamity including earthquake, fire, flood or otherwise. The company shall not be responsible for any claim for the non-printing of advertisement due to non-printing of newspaper itself. i.e. "The Himalayan Times".

6. The company does not stand guarantee for any claim made by the advertiser in their advertisement or for the correctness of any information contained therein.

7. The person releasing for advertisement submits that for information contained in the advertisement is correct and genuine to the best of his knowledge.

8. Although the company shall take all precautions in not accepting any advertisement with immoral or other information which operate against the interest of society but this shall be responsibility of advertiser for any such matter or message in the advertisement so released.

9. All disputes shall be settled as per the laws applicable in Nepal only at court situated in Kathmandu, Nepal.

10. All the classified advertisement online booking should be done two days before the publication of advertisement in the newspaper.

11. Every individual booking classified advertisement must accept both Terms and Condition mentioned on the classified booking page and APCA Website.